Goverment Degree College Dhada Hata Kushinagar

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राजकीय महाविद्यालय
ढाढ़ा बुजुर्ग, हाटा - कुशीनगर (उ०प्र०)
Government Degree College
Dhadha Bujurg, Hata - Kushinagar (U.P.)
(Recognized under Sec. 2(f) & 12(b) of UGC Act.)
  • Provide a sound education in basic science, Commerce and humanities
  • Inculcate high values through liberal education
  • Promote Teaching research & learning at the UG level and beyond
  • Provide a broad range of non-formal educational services
  • Transform society through the empowerment of women
  • Provide inexpensive educational services to the weaker sections of the society and reinvent itself in response to the changing demands of society
  • Develop responsible women leaders for the future